AI Society
in the Metaverse

AI.S is a metaverse-based AI service that connects users with AI NPCs for valuable insights and smart solutions through meaningful collaboration.

Get valuable insights from AI in the Metaverse

Synergize AI & Human collaboration to unlock infinite opportunities in the Metaverse.

AI Text Prompt

Utilize AI text prompts within the Metaverse to get your own personal assistant and advisor.


Co-existence of AI and Human in the metaverse where all decisions are made by members of the Society.

AI.S Vision

Join us with AI.S Node

Society member can earn and contribute to AI development with AI.S Nodes

Enhance AI technology 

Leverage computing and training power to support AI engine to train and enhance AI capability

Utilizing AI Data for dApps

AI.S utilizes data to create and support AI integration into dApps

Play with AI NPCs in AI.Society

AI.Society is an AI-powered metaverse platform where you can interact with AI NPCs and lead an efficient metaverse life.

Meet the AI.S team

Meet our team! The AI.S team has  diverse experience in IT, blockchain, and data science.

William Nguyen
CEO / Co-Founder

William has over six years of experience in data analysis, entrepreneurship, and management. Ex-Lead Fundamental data analyst at Vnrebates. Ex- Co-founder of Bresh.

Tran Minh

Tran Minh is a digital strategist and entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience. Founding Expert of Frontier Leader Institute, Co-Founder of She Blockchain, Ex-CSO for Huobi Global, Ex-Deputy CEO of Sovi Group.

Khanh Nguyen
CTO / Co-Founder

Khanh is a software engineer with six years of experience with extensive knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Partnership & Contributors

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May 16, 2023
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